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3-D printing finds unique place in manufacturing

Despite drawbacks, 3-D printing will continue to revolutionize design, development and production of unique, low-volume complex parts.


The Internet of Things: Big deal, big demands, big value

The IoT has become a big deal -- but it must be met with responsibility. Manufacturers need to ensure they are deploying the technology because it adds value, not just to follow a trend.


IoT and the battle cry for security and governance

While the Internet of Things is still in its infancy, an opportunity exists to build in new approaches to security, if companies start preparing now.


Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things

An expert has seen what tomorrow's factory will look like and he believes the Industrial Internet of Things will be its eyes and ears.

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    Six myths about demand planning tools

    Should companies use the built-in planning capabilities of an ERP system, or select from best-of-breed demand planning tools? An expert debunks some myths about the pros and cons of each, and outlines best practices for choosing the right approach.

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    What are the core categories of demand management?

    The demand management market can be difficult to navigate because of the over-abundance of terms for technology and processes. What do companies really need to know about the various categories of demand management?

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    Customer engagement requires high-quality field service

    Equipment providers and distributors are shifting their focus to improving field service. What are some best practices and technologies that can boost customer engagement and increase sales?

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  • RFID and manufacturing supply chain

    The emerging role of smart machines

    Machine intelligence isn't a new concept, but now it's becoming less science fiction and more of a reality. Companies should understand and prepare for the growing role of smart machines in IT and business operations.

  • Supply chain planning and execution

    New 4-D printing gets itself together

    And you thought 3-D printing was avant-garde? Get a load of this one-upper: The 4-D process prints parts that can assemble or repair themselves. That is, in theory.

  • SaaS ERP software

    Is Infor Xi too cloudy for users?

    Infor rolls out Infor Xi and four new cloud applications at Inforum 2014, but users are unsure how -- or whether -- to move off their ERPs.

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