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The digital revolution comes to manufacturing

Underneath the aura of hype, digital manufacturing offers some real benefits to traditional manufacturing. Here's some clear language on just what those are.


Cloud integration technology not just for cloud

Experts and vendors say iPaaS is emerging as a preferred means in cloud integration strategies that also have to get on-premises apps to talk among themselves.


SaaS ERP can still require upgrade decision

Software as a service can ease the pain of ERP upgrades, but that doesn't mean users never have a choice to make. Still, some users like leaving it up to the vendor.


Tap analytics to get more from ERP

Several users and experts share advice on linking ERP transactional data with external data to speed up processes, improve profitability and uncover new business opportunities.

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    How to kick-start your digital manufacturing strategy

    Even innovative business leaders may be overwhelmed by how to begin developing a digital manufacturing strategy. Here's some advice on where to start.

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    service lifecycle management (SLM)

    Service lifecycle management (SLM) refers to both the strategy and software for managing the performance, maintenance and repair of products and maximizing their profit opportunities by looking at service as an ongoing process rather than a discrete...

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    Jargon buster: Just what is digital manufacturing anyway?

    Digital manufacturing is a concept that is gaining traction in the industrial sector. Here's one take on just what it means and why it's important.

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  • SaaS ERP software

    Oracle places $9.3 billion bet on cloud ERP for SMBs

    Industry watchers say the NetSuite acquisition by Oracle provides a needed platform for SaaS ERP applications aimed at the SMB market, but questions remain about overall strategy.

  • ERP upgrade success strategies

    Details on Infor's cloud migration routes

    In a Q&A, Lisa Pope identifies which industries and product bases are migrating, and details the routes to the Infor cloud, including a recently consolidated service group.

  • SaaS ERP software

    Hey, you: Get onto my cloud, says Infor

    At its 2016 user conference, Infor featured the Lift and Shift program, which the company hopes will get legacy on-premises customers to move to the cloud.

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