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Manufacturing ERP vendors offer many options

Companies evaluating manufacturing ERP products have many options. Understand your needs to ensure a vendor can meet your specific requirements.


Risks give pause, but rewards abound with networked devices

The manufacturing industry -- like many other industries -- stands to gain a lot from the growth of networked devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Networked devices offer a plethora of information for manufacturers, and this information can ...


How practical are consumer 3-D printers?

It could be a long time before home 3-D printing becomes mainstream for consumers.


3-D printing finds unique place in manufacturing

Despite drawbacks, 3-D printing will continue to revolutionize design, development and production of unique, low-volume complex parts.

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    medical 3-D printing

    Medical 3-D printing is a growing field dedicated to creating medical implants, devices, prosthetics and even human tissue using 3-D printing technology.

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    Six myths about demand planning tools

    Should companies use the built-in planning capabilities of an ERP system, or select from best-of-breed demand planning tools? An expert debunks some myths about the pros and cons of each, and outlines best practices for choosing the right approach.

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    What are the core categories of demand management?

    The demand management market can be difficult to navigate because of the over-abundance of terms for technology and processes. What do companies really need to know about the various categories of demand management?

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  • RFID and manufacturing supply chain

    The emerging role of smart machines

    Machine intelligence isn't a new concept, but now it's becoming less science fiction and more of a reality. Companies should understand and prepare for the growing role of smart machines in IT and business operations.

  • Supply chain planning and execution

    New 4-D printing gets itself together

    And you thought 3-D printing was avant-garde? Get a load of this one-upper: The 4-D process prints parts that can assemble or repair themselves. That is, in theory.

  • SaaS ERP software

    Is Infor Xi too cloudy for users?

    Infor rolls out Infor Xi and four new cloud applications at Inforum 2014, but users are unsure how -- or whether -- to move off their ERPs.

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