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Spin a golden digital thread

Digital manufacturing has the power to transform every step of the manufacturing process. Here's how to think about exploring it so that your company reaps the most benefits.


3D technology expands on Earth -- and into space

3D modeling, printing and prototyping are transforming how products get designed, manufactured and marketed. Experts explain how 3D technology is transforming manufacturing.


Outstanding in its field: AR, IoT on service tool belts

IoT-enhanced field service software could be a beachhead for augmented reality in the enterprise, but it won't happen without a massive effort in the back office.


Is cloud ERP a viable option for your company?

There are several factors --including business size and cost -- that organizations should carefully consider when determining whether a cloud ERP system is the right choice.

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    digital twin

    A digital twin is a virtual representation of a product that can be used in product design, simulation, monitoring, optimization and servicing. It requires three elements: the physical product in real space, its digital twin in virtual space and the...

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    trillion-node network

    A trillion-node network refers to a near future state wherein trillions of devices, people, organizations, places and things are connected to the Internet. The implications of this ubiquitous connectivity and complexity hold both promise and risk ...

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    Boost bottom line with supply chain analytics

    The transformation of supply chain management is happening now. IoT is driving that change, but supply chain analytics is instrumental in taming the massive amounts of data generated by IoT sensors, devices and objects and turning it into insight --...

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