Finding the ROI of RFID: Exploring compelling use cases for RFID in manufacturing

Although RFID technology can improve a manufacturer's asset tracking, supply chain management and operational agility, many organizations are finding it difficult to justify the cost of RFID. In addition to the technology's high initial investment, it also carries heavy infrastructure requirements. This means that any organization considering RFID must develop a compelling use case, which includes clearly calculating the ROI.

In this webcast from November 2008, learn common use cases and find out how to calculate the ROI of RFID for your organization.

Find out:

  • Today's most compelling use cases for RFID in manufacturing
  • Best practices for calculating the ROI of RFID for different types of projects
  • How to leverage an RFID infrastructure for new projects
  • Recommendations for getting started with RFID

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  Finding the ROI of RFID: Exploring compelling use cases for RFID in manufacturing  

Learn how to find the ROI in RFID technology.

About the speaker: Roy C. Wildeman is a Senior Analyst with Forrester Research serving Business Process and Applications professionals. He focuses on the concepts, techniques, and tools that enable high-performance design and manufacturing. Prior to Forrester, Roy was a manager in Accenture's SCM practice, where he led operations strategy and improvement engagements for industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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This was first published in June 2009