Fast Guide to acronyms used in manufacturing

These acronyms are often used in internal communications within a manufacturing environment.

7W: seven wastes
ABB: activity-based budgeting
ABC: activity-based costing
ABM: activity-based management
ABVS: automated best value system
ACV: all commodity volume
ADC: automated data collection
ADE: qutomated data entry
ADP: automatic data processing
AID: automatic identification
AIM: application integration middleware
AIMS: agile infrastructure for manufactured systems
AMT: advanced manufacturing technology
AMT: The Association for Manufacturing Technology
AOI: automated optical inspection
AP: accounts payable
APICS: American Production and Inventory Control Society
APO: advanced planning and optimization
APQP: advanced product quality planning
APS: advanced planning and scheduling
APS: advanced planning systems
AR: accounts receivable
ASN: advanced shipping notice
ASQ: American Society for Quality
ASRS: automated storage retrieval systems
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
ATE: automated test equipment
ATR: automated trouble reporting
ATO: assemble to order
ATP: advanced technology program
ATP: available to promise
AXI: automated X-ray inspection
AVL: approved vendor list
BAM: Bottleneck Allocation Methodology
BIC: Best In Class
BIST: Built In Self Test
BMP: Best Manufacturing Practices
BOH: Balance On Hand
BOM: Bill Of Materials
BPEL: Business Process Execution Language
BPMN: Business Process Modeling Notation
BPR: Business Process Reengineering
BTF: Build To Forecast
BTO: Build To Order
BTS: Build To Stock
B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business To Consumer
CAD: Computer-Aided Design
CAE: Computer-Aided Engineering
CAFE: Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAIV: Cost As (An) Independent Variable
CALS: Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support
CALS: Commerce At Light Speed
CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CAM: Customer Asset Management
CAM-I: Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing -- International
CAMU: Computerized Assembly Mock Up
CAPOSS: CApacity Planning and Operation Sequence Scheduling
CASA: Computer and Automated Systems Association
CASE: Computer-Aided System Engineering
CBSA: Component Based Solution Assembly
CBT: Computer-Based Training
CCB: Change Control Board
CCM: Color Changing Material
CCR: Central Contractor Registration
CEMS: Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services
CERCLA: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Litigation Act
CFAR: Collaboration Forecasting and Replenishment
CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFM: Continuous Flow Manufacturing
CG: Consumer Goods
CGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practices
CI: Continuous Improvement
CIDM: Customer-Integrated Decision Making
CIPE: Compressed Integrated Product Engineering
CLASS: Capacity Loading and Operation Sequence Scheduling
CLM: Council For Logistics Management
CM: Contract Manufacturer
CM: Change Management
CM: Configuration Management
CMRP: Capacitated Material Requirements Planning
CNC: Computer Numerical Control
COA: Continuous Ordering Agreement
COB: Chip On Board
CAFC: Container on Flat Car
COB: Close of Business
COGS: Cost of Goods Sold
COO: Cost of Ownership
COS: Class of Service
COTS: Commercial Off The Shelf
CP: Cost Performance
CPIM: Certified in Production and Inventory Management
CPM: Certified Purchasing Manager
CPPS: Cost Performance Products Sector
CQA: Certified Quality Auditor
CQE: Certified Quality Engineer
CRC: Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRM: Customer Relationship Management
CRP: Capacity Requirements Planning
CRP: Continuous Replenishment Program
CRT: Current Reality Tree
CSBB: Client Side Browser Based
CSI: Customer Satisfaction Index
CSP: Commerce Service Provider
CTE: Committee on Trade and the Environment
CTG: Council for Trade in Goods
CTO: Configure To Order
CTP: Capability To Promise
DAMA: Design Anywhere Manufacture Anywhere
DAQ: Data Acquisition
DBMS: Database Management System
DC: Distribution Center
DCS: Distributed Control System
DDE: Dynamic Data Exchange
DEM: Dynamic Enterprise Modeling
DES: Distributed Execution System
DFA: Design for Assembly
DFAA: Design for Automated Assembly
DFB: Distributed Feedback
DFD: Design for Disassembly
DFE: Design For Environment
DFL: Demand Flow Leadership
DFM: Demand Flow Management
DFM: Demand Flow Manufacturing
DFM: Design For Manufacturability
DFS: Distributed Factory System
DFSC: Design for Supply Chain
DFT: Demand Flow Technology
DMD: Direct Metal Deposition
DMI: Digital Migration Interface
DNC: Direct Numerical Control
DOC: Department of Commerce
DOD: Department of Defense
DOE: Department of Energy
DOE: Design of Experiments
DOL: Department of Labor
DOLAP: Desktop OnLine Analytical Processing
DP: Design Postponement
DRC: Design Rule Checking
DRP: Distribution Requirements Planning
DSB: Dispute Settlement Body
DSC: Digital Still Camera
DSO: Days Sale Outstanding
DSOM: Distributed System Object Model
DSP: Digital Signal Processor
DSRP: Demand Solutions Requirements Planning
DSS: Decision Support System
DTP: Distributed Transaction Processing
DUT: Device Under Test
DVD: Digital Video Disk
DW: Data Warehousing
EAI: External Application Interface
EBR: Electronic Batch Record
EBXML: Electronic Business XML
EC: Electronic Commerce
EC: Engineering Change
ECC: Error Correction Code
ECM: Engineering Change Management
ECN: Electronic Change Notice
ECO: Engineering (or Electronic) Change Order
ECR: Efficient Consumer Response
ECR: Engineering Change Request
ECRC: Electronic Commerce Resource Center
EDA: Electronic Document Access
EDA: Electronic Design Automation
EDA: Engineering Design Aids
EDGAR: Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval
EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT: Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDM: Electronic Discharge Machine
EDM: Electronic Data Management
EDMS: Engineering Document Management Systems
EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EES: Engineering Execution Systems
EFI: Electronic Freight Invoice
EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer
EIC: Earned Income Credit
EIS: Executive Information System
EISA: Extended Industry Standard Architecture
ELV: End of Life Vehicle
EMAS: Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
EMI: Early Manufacturing Involvement
EMS: Effective Management Systems
EMS: Enhanced Messaging Service
EMS: Environmental Management System
EMS: Electronic Manufacturing Services
E&O: Excess and Obsolete
EOQ: Economic Order Quantity
ERA: Electronic Remittance Advice
ERC: Engineering Reseach Center
ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
ERS: Evaluated Receipt Settlement
ESE: Environmentally Sustainable Electronics
ETM: Enterprise Transportation Management
ETO: Engineer To Order
ETP: Enterprise Transportation Planning
EV: Electric Vehicle
EVA: Economic Value Added
EVM: Earned Value Management
EZ/EC: Empowerment Zone/Enterprise Community
FA: Flexible Automation
FAS: Final Assembly Schedule
FASAB: Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FBE: Framework Based Environment
FCA: Flip Chip Assembly
FCP: Finite Capacity Planning
FCS: Finite Capacity Scheduling
FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
FEM: Finite Elements Method
FIFO: First In, First Out
FIP: Factory Information Protocol
FIS: Factory Information System
FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act
FMEA: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
FMS: Flexible Manufacturing System
FP: Finite Planning
FPDS: Federal Procurement Data System
FPI: Federal Prison Industries
FPT: Fine Pitch Technology
FRA: Federal Railroad Administration
FROG: Free Roaming On Grid
FRT: Future Reality Tree
FRU: Field Replaceable Units
FSAN: Full Services Access Network
FTA: Federal Transit Authority
GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAO: General Accounting Office
GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATS: General Agreement on Trade in Services
GDP: Gross Domestic Product
GEM: Generic Equipment Model
GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices
GMROI: Gross Margin Return on Investment
HASA: Highly Accelerated Stress Audit
HH: Hand Held
HMD: Head Mounted Display
HMI: Human Machine Interface
HP: High Performance
HPCC: High Performance Computing and Communications
HPPS: High Performance Product Sector
HPV: High Production Volume
HR: Human Resources
HRM: Human Resource Management
HSM: Hierarchical Storage Manager
HUD: Heads Up Display
IDIS: Integrated Disbursement and Information System
IG: Inspector General
IMCS: Inventory Management and Control System
IMT: International Mobile Telephone
IMTI: Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative
IMS: Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
I/O: Input Output
IPC: Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
IPPD: Integrated Product and Process Development
IPR: Intellectual Property Rights
IPS: In-Plan Switching
IPT: Integrated Product Team
IRI: Industrial Research Institute
IRM: Integrated Resource Management
IS: Information System
ISO: International Standards Organization
ISV: Independent Software Vendor
ITA: Information Technology Agremeement
ITAC: International Telework Association and Council
ITS: Intelligent Transportation System
ITSS: Information Technology Solutions Shop
ITU: International Technical Union
JIT: Just In Time
KBE: Knowledge-Based Engineering
KGD: Known Good Die
KPI: Key Performance Indicator
LC: Low Cost
LCA: Life Cycle Assessment
LCC: Leadless Chip Carrier
LCC: Life Cycle Cost
LCL: Less Than Container Load
LCPC: Life Cycle Product Cost
LCPC: Life Cycle Product Cost
LMDS: Local Multi-Point Distribution System
LNA: Local Noise Amplifier
LP: Lean Production
LSI: Large Scale Integration
LTL: Less Than Truckload
LVS: Layout Verification Systems
MADE: Manufacturing Automation and Design Exploration
MC: Mass Customization
MCS: Manufacturing Control System
MEMS: Micro-electromechanical Systems
MEP: Manufacturing Extension Partnership
MES: Manufacturing Execution System
MESA: Manufacturing Execution System Association
MMI: Man Machine Interface
MPS: Master Production Schedule
MRP: Manufacturing Resource Planning
MRP: Materials Requirement Planning
M&S: Modeling and Simulation
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
MTO: Make To Order
MTS: Make To Stock
MTTR: Mean Time To Restore
MV: machine vision
NCMS: National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology
NMTA: National Machining and Tooling Association
NPI: New Product Introduction
NRLA: National Labor Relations Board
NTR: Normal Trade Relations
OASIS: Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OCC: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
ODM: Original Design Manufacturer
ODM: Original Device Manufacturer
ODS: Ozone Depleting Substance
OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEE: Original Equipment Effectiveness
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFPP: Office of Federal Procurement Policy
OLTP: On Line Transaction Processing
OMB: Office of Management and Budget
OOP: Out Of Production
OPC: OLE for Process Control
OPT: Optimized Production Technology
OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OTC: On-Time delivery to Commit date
OTCR: On-Time delivery performance to Customer Request Date
PA: Power Amplifier
PAC: Production Activity Control
PBT: Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic
PDM: Product Data Management
PI: Principal Investigator
PID Problem Identification Document
PIM: Product Information Management
PIP: Partner Integration Process
PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
POM: Production/Operations Management
POS: Point of Sale
PP&E: Property, Plant & Equipment
PR: Process Reengineering
PRONet: Procurement Marketing and Access Network
PRT: Pre-requisite Tree
PTAC: Procurement Technical Assistance Center
PTO: Patent and Trademark Office
QA: Quality Assurance
QB: Quality Breakdown
QC: Quality Control
QFP: Quad Flat Package
QR: Quick Response
RAP: Revenue Acquisition Process
R&D: Research and Development
RDF: Resource Description Framework
RDT&E: Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation
RMA: Return Material (or Merchandise) Authorization
ROI: Return On Investment
ROIC: Return On Invested Capital
RONA: Return On Net Assets
ROP: Reorder Point
ROU: Record Of Understanding
RPM: Rapid Response Manufacturing
RSC: Retail Service Center
RTD: Research and Technical Development
RTM: Read The Manual
SCC: Supply Chain Council
SCM: Supply Chain Management
SCOR: Supply Chain Operations Reference model
SCR: Synchronized Customer Response
SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission
SFA: Sales Force Automation
SGA: Selling, General and Administrative expenses
SIG: Special Interest Group
SIV: Signal Integrity Verification
SKU: Stock Keeping Units
SLICE: Simple Low-Cost Innovative Engine
SMART: Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
SME: Society of Manufacturing Engineers
SMWT: Self Managed Work Teams
SOP: Sales and Operations Planning
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
SOP: System On a Package
SOW: Statement of Work
SPC: Statistical Process Control
SPM: Standard Process Modules
SPS: Standard Procurement System
SRM: Standard Reference Material
STARS: Standard Accounting and Reporting System
STEP: Standard for the Exchange of Product model data
SWIFT: Simulated Work Input and Flow Time
SWOT: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats Analysis
TACT: Total Average Cycle Time
TCM: Time Critical Manufacturing
TCM: Transportation Control Measures
TDC: Total Delivered Cost
TDM: Team Data Manager
TEWE: Technology for Enterprise-Wide Engineering
TIG: Technology Implementation Group
TIM: Test Inspection Measurement
TLA: Three Letter Acronym
T&M: Tools and Methodology
TOPS: Team Oriented Problem Solving
TPA: Technology and Product Assurance
TPI: Total Profit Improvement
TPM: Total Productive Maintenance
TPOP: Time-Phased Order Point
TQC: Total Quality Control
TQM: Total Quality Management
T/R: Transmit / Receive
TRI: Toxic Release Inventory
TRT: Transition Tree
TSCA: Toxic Substances Control Act
TVA: Throughput Value Added
TW: tin whiskers
TWG: Technology Working Group
UC: Unit Cost
USITC: United States International Trade Commission
VAD: Value Added Distribution
VAR: Value-Added Reseller
VE: Value Engineering
VFIIP: Virtual Factory Information Interchange Project
VMI: Vendor Managed Inventory
VPDM: Virtual Product Data Management
VPM: Virtual Product Model
VRML: Virtual Reality Modeling Language
WARN: Workers' Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
WBS: Work Breakdown Schedule
WCM: World Class Manufacturing
WIMP: Woefully Inept Manufacturing Process
WIP: Work in Process
WMS: Warehouse Management System
WTO: World Trade Organization

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