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June 2013, Volume 1, Number 3

Bright spots amid sparse cloud ERP adoption

Give CCI Industries the cloud; they'll see sun. The Plymouth, Mich., metal-forming company that services the automotive industry has moved as many of its ERP functions as possible onto the Plex Online package since implementing it in 2010. CCI uses Plex Systems Inc.'s cloud ERP services for everything from material requirements planning, inventory control and purchasing to accounting, quality and production control. "We've completely jumped in -- or jumped up into -- the cloud with both feet," said Jeffrey Aznavorian, CCI's vice president, general manager and chief operating officer. "We're going with everything." CCI plans to move even more of its business processes into the cloud. It is held back only by limited time and IT resources -- not an uncommon barrier for a small manufacturer. On the to-do list: tooling, CRM, communications, supplier and customer portals and human resources. But CCI is way ahead of the game. Despite all the "sky's the limit" buzz at industry conferences, many manufacturers are still struggling to move...

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