• Best practices and tools for global manufacturing

    IDC’s Joe Barkai responds to questions about the most effective tools and strategies for standardizing global production while meeting the emerging demands of overseas consumers.

  • Change management tips for ERP upgrades

    ERP upgrades are more than just technical operations. Just like a brand-new implementation, an ERP upgrade project can bring major changes to a manufacturer’s business processes and to the daily lives of workers. An effective upgrade plan should include organizational change management.

  • Understanding today's warehouse management technologies

    Warehouse management systems provide the information needed to efficiently control the movement of materials. Today’s WMSs work with RFID and voice recognition, and can be integrated with ERP and transportation management systems. But adding a new WMS can present significant challenges.

  • Midmarket ERP software selection best practices

    In this podcast transcript, discover expert advice for selecting ERP software for midmarket manufacturers.

  • Manufacturing ERP software selection and implementation in a down economy

    Selecting and implementing manufacturing ERP software is especially challenging during tough economic times. In this expert interview, learn money-saving tips and ERP strategies to get the most out of your investment.

  • True challenge for manufacturing QA comes at supply chain level

    In this interview, Simon Jacobson of AMR Research explains how manufacturing IT managers should proceed in order to improve quality at their manufacturing firms.

  • Understanding how technology can support manufacturing quality improvement initiatives

    In this podcast, learn what role the IT team plays in quality improvement, what types of software can be used for quality improvement initiatives and how technology can reduce or eliminate error rates.

  • IT investments for manufacturers managing global supply chains

    In this podcast, Jane Barrett of AMR Research Inc. discusses the best places for manufacturers to invest in IT to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities that globalization creates for supply chains.

  • SearchManufacturingERP.com Manufacturing Podcast Library

    Looking for SearchManufacturingERP.com podcasts? The SearchManufacturingERP.com Manufacturing Podcast Library is the place to find manufacturing podcasts on manufacturing ERP software selection, ERP implementation and upgrades, supply chain management and much more.

  • Making a business case for BI in manufacturing

    Manufacturers making a case for business intelligence (BI) face unique challenges. Learn how to calculate the ROI of BI deployment and find expert advice on selecting and implementing BI software.

  • How to plan an MES-ERP integration project

    In this podcast, learn strategies and best practices for planning a manufacturing execution system (MES) and ERP integration project. Find out how to create an MES-ERP integration budget, timeline and project team.

  • Getting started with demand-driven manufacturing

    Manufacturing industry analyst Roddy Martin explains strategies and best practices for demand-driven manufacturing in this podcast.

  • Operational performance management for manufacturers

    In this podcast, analyst Julie Fraser advises manufacturing firms on how to deploy manufacturing intelligence solutions to increase operations performance management and get more visibility into plant floor metrics.

  • Supply chain management technology and implementation trends for a lean supply chain

    Anil Gupta, vice president of marketing for supply chain consulting firm Bristlecone, discusses how companies can leverage their existing SCM software -- or turn to other solutions -- to make their supply chains leaner.

  • How to build a business case for ERP in today's economy

    Ray Wang, Vice President at Forrester Research, offers insight on how to build a business case for ERP during the economic downturn - and save money in the process.

  • The ROI of PLM: Charting the value of PLM in today's economic climate

    In this podcast, product lifecycle management (PLM) analyst Roy Wildeman advises manufacturing firms on how they can get the most value out of a PLM initiative.

  • The future of RFID: What's in store for the next generation of RFID

    RFID is rapidly evolving, as early adopters learn more about how to best use and deploy the technology -- and technologists develop new and interesting RFID innovations. And, as more companies experiment with RFID, more potential use cases are emerging around how RFID technology can be used to solve real-world business problems. In this podcast, get some inspiration and insight about the future of RFID. SearchManufacturingERP.com talked to Ken Traub, independent consultant and a recognized expert to find out what's in store for RFID and learn more about the most interesting developments going on today in RFID.

  • Is your organization really ready for RFID?

    RFID can be a major benefit to manufacturing organizations -- but as with any project with unique complexities and significant costs, it's not for everyone. In this podcast, we discuss how to determine if your organization is ready for RFID. Will RFID offer your organization the kind of benefits you're after? Does your company have the right infrastructure in place for RFID? What common mistakes should you avoid in planning for RFID? Hear more about how to determine whether your organization is truly ready for RFID, in this discussion with an experienced RFID expert.

  • Is RFID worth the time, cost and effort?

    RFID is innovative, interesting technology, but it's also notoriously complicated and expensive to deploy. So, is it worth all of the time, cost and effort required to find true ROI from RFID? In this podcast, we explore how to assess whether your manufacturing organization will benefit from RFID -- covering some of the common use cases, typical project costs and what to consider when deciding whether RFID is a worthwhile investment for your company. SearchManufacturingERP.com caught up with expert analyst Roy C. Wildeman of Forrester Research for a frank discussion about RFID.

  • Leveraging ERP software's workflow management capabilities: Tips and advice for getting started

    Workflow management has evolved over decades. Today, there are many options for workflow management, especially in ERP environments, and the benefits can be compelling. Companies can find notable improvements in efficiency and profitability when they truly understand cross-functional business processes -- and have a method to link and manage these processes across their organizations. So, in this podcast, we explore how organizations can effectively leverage workflow management in ERP environments. We also find out how to build a business case for workflow, get funding to get started and how to get a project off the ground.

  • Best practices for leveraging ERP to support changing business requirements

    Business requirements can change quickly -- especially in today's competitive economy. So, how can manufacturers meet these new requirements, which may require quickly implementing system and process changes? ERP can help, according to Ray Wang of Forrester Research, by providing a framework to assist manufacturers in implementing changes needed for new business requirements. In this podcast, find out more about best practices for leveraging ERP to support changing business requirements. Get expert advice, best practices and tips.

  • Midmarket ERP software evaluation tips

    Midmarket manufacturers have a lot to consider when selecting ERP software. Get midmarket ERP software evaluation tips -- and learn how to avoid common mistakes that can slow you down.

  • SaaS ERP for manufacturers: Top 10 things to consider

    Is SaaS ERP a viable option for manufacturers? Learn about SaaS ERP pros and cons and key evaluation criteria in this podcast with Forrester's Ray Wang.