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Start here to discover the benefits of ERP software. Find out what ERP software can do for manufacturers. Learn best practices for ERP software selection and finding ERP ROI. Learn how to evaluate your organization's ERP needs and build an ERP upgrade team and find ERP upgrade best practices and expert tips. Discover common ERP upgrade mistakes and how to avoid them. More about ERP systems


ERP integration and software customization challenges can be daunting. Read articles and tips for managing data integration, shop floor integration and master data management for manufacturing ERP. Find resources for plant operations, ERP implementations and data warehousing and SOA challenges. More about Integration


Discover how supply chain management (SCM) activities are affected by ERP and get advice on buying, implementing and leveraging SCM technology. More about SCM


How does ERP support lean manufacturing efforts? Start here for basic tips about lean manufacturing software selection and lean technology best practices. Learn how companies are using lean software with ERP to improve manufacturing efforts. More about Lean


Understanding business intelligence (BI) software tools can help manufacturers monitor and improve manufacturing performance management (MPM). Discover how BI and ERP manufacturing software can work together to optimize plant data analysis. Find BI implementation tips for manufacturers, lean how to build a manufacturing BI strategy and read manufacturing BI case studies. More about BI


Discover how product lifecycle management (PLM) software can be integrated with manufacturing ERP software to increase productivity and cut costs. Read strategies for building a business case for PLM and find guidance on PLM software selection. Get PLM implementation tips and expert advice and learn PLM best practices. More about PLM


Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) includes manufacturing sensor technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and barcode software. Learn how to decide which AIDC technology is right for you. Find out the pros and cons of RFID vs. barcoding. Read tips for selecting RFID and barcode software and find RFID and barcoding implementation tips. More about AIDC


Manufacturing execution systems (MES) software, which manages manufacturing data, can work with ERP software to give manufacturers a view of their business at all levels, from project planning and the supply chain to HR and accounting. Discover the benefits of integrating MES and ERP software and learn how to build a business case and plan for an MES-ERP integration project. Find out which ERP vendors are offering MES software and get advice on selecting the right MES to work with your existing ERP system. More about MES