Manufacturing ERP and business intelligence

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  • Best BI and analytics options for midmarket manufacturers

    BI is everywhere and it is becoming more affordable for even smaller midmarket manufacturers. As a matter of fact, it's actually becoming possible for this type of business to implement the same sort of BI that even the largest enterprises use. In th... 

  • E-book: Manufacturing business intelligence best practices

    In this e-book, experienced technology writer Lauren Gibbons Paul shares her insight on utilizing BI in the manufacturing field. Find effective strategies for manufacturing business intelligence that can make a difference in your organization. 

  • How to get started with business intelligence in manufacturing

    Facing increasing pressures from globalization and a sagging economy, manufacturers are between a rock and a hard spot. And many of them see business intelligence as an escape route. But does BI hold the answers for every manufacturer? How does BI di... 

  • Business intelligence and analytics for optimized supply chain management

    This e-book discusses how analytics technology can transform supply chains by improving visibility, making it a more efficient process, and contributing to more timely, accurate predictions. Learn how to best utilize business Intelligence and analyti... 

  • RtOI (real-time operational intelligence)

    Real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) is an emerging industrial discipline that allows businesses to intelligently transform vast amounts of operational data into actionable information that is accessible anywhere, anytime and across many devices... 

  • intelligent system

    An intelligent system is a machine with an embedded, Internet-connected computer that has the capacity to gather and analyze data and communicate with other systems.  Requirements for an intelligent system include security, connectivity, the ability ... 

  • product information management (PIM)

    Product information management (PIM) is a classification of software products that support the global identification, linking and synchronization of product information across heterogeneous data sources. 

  • ABC classification

    ABC classification is a ranking system for identifying and grouping items in terms of how useful they are for achieving business goals. 

  • Computer-aided process planning (CAPP)

    Computer-aided process planning is a link between design and manufacturing in a computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) environment. 

  • manufacturing intelligence software

    Enterprise manufacturing intelligence software is a suite of software applications that integrates a company's manufacturing data from multiple sources to aid in reporting, analysis, visual summaries and passing data between enterprise-level and pla... 

  • What does big data mean for SAP landscapes?

    Learn how the advent of big data is affecting SAP systems in this webcast with expert and Capgemini Consultant Chris Kernaghan. 

  • Manufacturing Podcast Library

    Looking for podcasts? The Manufacturing Podcast Library is the place to find manufacturing podcasts on manufacturing ERP software selection, ERP implementation and upgrades, supply chain managemen... 

  • Making a business case for BI in manufacturing

    Manufacturers making a case for business intelligence (BI) face unique challenges. Learn how to calculate the ROI of BI deployment and find expert advice on selecting and implementing BI software. 

  • Operational performance management for manufacturers

    In this podcast, analyst Julie Fraser advises manufacturing firms on how to deploy manufacturing intelligence solutions to increase operations performance management and get more visibility into plant floor metrics. 

About Manufacturing ERP and business intelligence

Discover how ERP manufacturing software and business intelligence (BI) software and work together. Browse our manufacturing BI case studies, BI implementation tips for manufacturers and get insight on building a manufacturing BI strategy.