Manufacturing ERP systems consolidation

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  • Do your homework before integrating software systems

    Many manufacturers want to circumvent the often long and arduous process of software systems integration by collecting new ERP, supply chain management and other business applications. This might work in the short term, but what does it mean in the l... 

  • Tips for managing multiple ERP systems

    Read this expert e-guide to learn how to minimize the chaos of managing multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Learn how a two-tiered approach, including Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP at the subsidiary level, is helping many manufact... 

  • ERP consolidation and integration

    Maintaining multiple ERP systems can be challenging. But should all businesses have only one ERP system? 

  • Test your ERP integration and consolidation know-how

    Find out how much you know about ERP integration and consolidation by taking this short quiz. 

  • Manufacturing execution system (MES) FAQ

    Manufacturing execution system (MES) software, which analyzes processes across manufacturing organizations, can be complicated. Read on to learn more about how MES works and find answers to some common MES FAQs. 

  • Managing ERP business intelligence and reporting FAQ

    To drive ERP business intelligence (BI) and reporting software, you must first understand enterprise data usage. This is the first step to managing ERP business intelligence and reporting. 

  • Introduction to MES integration

    Manufacturing execution system (MES) software helps manufacturers to smoothly manage daily processes. MES integration with other systems -- including ERP and SCM -- makes this even easier. 

  • Manufacturing operation management (MOM)

    Manufacturing operation management (MOM) is an approach of overseeing all aspects of the manufacturing process with a particular focus to increase efficiency. 

  • Computer-aided process planning (CAPP)

    Computer-aided process planning is a link between design and manufacturing in a computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) environment. 

  • manufacturing intelligence software

    Enterprise manufacturing intelligence software is a suite of software applications that integrates a company's manufacturing data from multiple sources to aid in reporting, analysis, visual summaries and passing data between enterprise-level and pla... 

  • process manufacturing

    Process manufacturing is the production of goods that are typically produced in bulk quantities, as opposed to discrete and countable units. Process manufacturing industries include chemicals, food and beverage, gasoline, paint and pharmaceutical. (C... 

About Manufacturing ERP systems consolidation

Learn how to plan for an ERP systems consolidation project with our tips and resources, including information about benefits and practical advice on IT and business group alignment.