Supply chain planning and execution

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  • Navigate the e-procurement technology landscape

    E-sourcing and e-procurement technology have created new opportunities to save money, improve supplier performance -- even make better products. Called e-sourcing and e-procurement, the tools may very well help organizations change the way they buy t... 

  • E-book: Supply chain management best practices for manufacturing

    As supply chains extend across the globe and their complexity increases, manufacturers are learning that the right software can be a key component of successful supply chain planning and execution. Read this expert e-book to find tips and best practi... 

  • Improving supply chain visibility via technology

    Brush up on the latest technologies for supply chain visibility that will improve efficiency and get your company a higher ROI. In this e-book, find articles that explore the latest options for supply chain visibility, and learn how to determine if y... 

  • Newest techniques for using technology to enable the demand-driven supply chain

    This e-book explains the latest demand planning software tools and strategies, provides an update on advanced demand-sensing technologies, and offers tips on handling BI challenges. 

  • Tips for improving supply chain management

    An efficient supply chain is key to a successful organization. Read this e-book for expert advice on how to optimize supply chain management, using more efficient technology and best practices, and find out what the most successful supply chains have... 

  • Building an integrated workflow for quality control and compliance

    This e-book explains the technical and organizational issues involved in creating fully integrated quality control and data management systems. Globalized manufacturers and distributors will find the resources they need for more integrated workflow t... 

  • IT inventory management techniques for a global supply chain

    To respond to the opportunities and challenges of globalization, manufacturers are looking to IT solutions that provide standardization and visibility into the materials that flow through production facilities. This e-book provides the buying tips an... 

  • 4-D printing (four-dimensional printing)

    4-D printing is additive manufacturing that prints objects capable of transformation and, in some cases, self-assembly. 

  • digital modeling and fabrication

    Digital modeling and fabrication is a design and production process that marries 3-D modeling or computing-aided design (CAD) software with additive and subtractive manufacturing. 

  • material requirements planning (MRP)

    Material requirements planning (MRP) refers to production planning and inventory control software systems that are used to manage the manufacturing process. 

  • tooling

    Tooling, also known as machine tooling, is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production.  

  • rapid prototyping

    Rapid prototyping is the speedy creation of a full-scale model.  The word prototype comes from the Latin words proto (original) and typus (model). 

  • 3-D printing (additive manufacturing)

    3-D printing is a manufacturing process that builds layers to create a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. 

  • supply chain (SC)

    A supply chain (SC) is the network of all the individuals, organizations, resources, activities and technology involved in the creation of a product from source materials and its eventual delivery to the end user. 

  • smart label

    A smart label is a slip of paper, plastic or other material on a product that contains an RFID tag in addition to bar code data. 

  • upcharge

    An upcharge is an additional fee that is added to a bill after a contract has already been negotiated. 

  • Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)

    Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) is an integrated method of operational and financial planning for manufacturing companies. MRP II serves as an extension of MRP (closed loop manufacturing resource planning, also abbreviated as CLMRP). 

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