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SaaS: SaaS stands for at least three different "as-a-service" offerings.

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Problem solve Feb 01, 2012

SaaS security: Weighing SaaS encryption options

A look at SaaS encryption techniques and challenges. Continue Reading


Get started Aug 15, 2012

SaaS technology and strategy quiz

See how well you really understand SaaS. If you need help, check out our SaaS Technology Guide. Continue Reading


Aug 28, 2012

Choosing SaaS security

Learn the features and architecture options you have with security SaaS, as well as the benefits and cautions you need to consider, and learn what questions to ask internally to determine if this option makes sense... Continue Reading


News Nov 09, 2006

CIOs slowly embracing SaaS

CIOs who fail to adopt SaaS could face backlash from users who are already adopting it in droves. Continue Reading


Sep 02, 2008

Can SaaS ERP be profitable?

Businesses are ready for SaaS ERP, but can anyone make money building it for them? Continue Reading


Nov 27, 2007

Mobile SaaS speeds the enterprise

Mobile SaaS, particularly through managed services, allows enterprises to mobilize workforces while improving overall business processes. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 22, 2013

Three ways to achieve mobile SaaS apps agility

Learn how to make mobile SaaS apps Agile, including scrutinizing SaaS providers' SLAs, customizing a SaaS service for mobile or developing a SaaS app. Continue Reading


Jul 15, 2008


Jul 21, 2008


Problem solve Jun 18, 2012

SaaS applications and integration

Cloud U expert Jeff Kaplan discusses the issues surrounding the integration of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications between the cloud and the data center. Continue Reading