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  • cloud disaster recovery (cloud DR)

    Cloud disaster recovery (cloud DR) is a component of a disaster recovery plan that involves maintaining copies of enterprise data in a cloud storage environment as a security measure. Continue Reading

  • cloud orchestrator

    Orchestration, in an IT context, is the automation of tasks involved with managing and coordinating complex software and services. The endeavor is more complex in a cloud environment because it involves interconnecting processes running across heterogeneous systems in multiple locations. Continue Reading

  • fog computing (fogging)

    Fog computing, also known as fogging, is a distributed computing infrastructure in which some application services are handled at the network edge in a smart device and some application services are handled in a remote data center -- in the cloud. Continue Reading

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  • Is it preferable to use a specialized cloud DR service?

    Is it preferable to use a specialized cloud DR service, a typical cloud backup service or something like Amazon? Continue Reading

  • How do you conduct a cloud disaster recovery test?

    How do you test a DR plan if you're using a cloud-based disaster recovery service? How do you know it's going to work for you? Continue Reading

  • Cloud-based disaster recovery: Just add data for instant recovery

    Cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) is shaping up as a killer app for the cloud. It’s cheaper than other DR arrangements, can be implemented quickly and recoveries can be lightning fast. It’s a pretty direct route to solid data protection, but there are key decisions to make and some gotchas to watch out for.

    Many companies want the convenience of a storage cloud service, but don’t want to ship their data off-site. OpenStack, an open source collection comprising a cloud operating system, an orchestration layer and service apps, can use existing storage resources to create an internal cloud storage service.

    NetApp, EMC and Dell all earned high marks from users in the ninth annual Quality Awards service and reliability survey for NAS systems. EMC and Dell finished in a virtual dead heat in the enterprise division, while NetApp outdistanced EMC by a slightly wider margin in the midrange group.

     Continue Reading

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